poster design

big jump oudenaarde




June 2018

Oudenaarde is not a big city, and not as alive as Gent or Brussels, but it sure has its share of fun happening, with a lot of local and small initiatives that bring the community together!

Big Jump is not something local. it is "an international ecological action that takes place every year to bring the poor water quality of rivers and watercourses to the attention of a broad public. At different times in Europe people are simultaneously jumping in rivers, ponds and canals to support the demand for clean and healthy (swimming) water". It started in Germany and spread wide across Europe, going this year also to Lebanon. 

In Oudenaarde it will be the 6th edition this year and, having attended last year and already knowing somebody in the organisation, I offered to design this year's poster.


the poster

De plastic soep is geen sprookje stands for "the plastic soup is not a fairytale"


elements for the facebook page


spotted around the city


Some pictures of the event