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Tackling World Food System Challenges


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ETH Zürich


October 2014

ETH Zürich is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (the Swiss MIT as they like to call themselves) and they approached us to design a new logo for a 5-days conference being held in Ascona, Switzerland.
The focus of TWFSC  is on finding solutions for tomorrow’s world food system challenges, bringing together experts who do not normally discuss their work with one another, expecting it would spark creativity, stimulate the generation of novel concepts, and lead to new collaborations.

Having such a big name was a challenge for us but we found a clever approach that would keep it interesting and would represent the 5 stages of the agri-food system.

And I got an official t-shirt in the end :)

The client's briefing


the logo

We solved the problem of representing the whole food system, such a complex idea, by replicating the "O", incorporating icons for each stage and bringing them to the World concept


Phases of the Food System


Iconography, Colour and Typography


Application in different materials


Mockup for an Ad of the event