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June 2015

I’m not an illustrator. I struggle and I have to find my ways to put in drawings what I picture in my head. But I love illustration, geometric forms and bold colors. One of my favorite artists is Malika Favre and by seeing her work you can understand what I’m talking about.

Working at a company, I can’t really say no to a job so I have to face my fears and just do my best. This was one of those jobs that, as a freelancer, I would think and rethink and rethink about wether I should do it or not – and probably end up doing it anyway.

The target audience to this poster were teenagers and it was to be distributed in schools throughout Switzerland. It was originally designed in German and then translated to English and French.

I created the characters by using the simplest geometric forms and I decided to divide the poster in different rectangles for each call-to-action since they could exist as seven independent posters and they didn’t have to be read in a specific order.