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Carolina Bettencourt

Photo by Folke D'Haeyer

I finished my Master's Degree in Multimedia Communication at the University of Aveiro, Portugal in 2009. I moved to Macau (China) and, after a year of freelancing, I started working as a Designer at a start-up: Waaa! Studio. When the company was restructured after two years, I became Senior Designer at FRC Global Communication, working mainly in Graphic Design, Video and the Web. In 2013 I moved to Lisbon, Portugal and I started working at Brief Creatives where I stayed for two very happy years.

After the last years of intense city life I took a chance and went to learn about Permaculture and a greener way of living in Greece and Belgium through the European Voluntary Service. That program took a year and it finished in September of 2017 after which I hitch hiked my way back to Portugal from Belgium

Now I moved back to Belgium looking for a balance between city life and a greener environment. Since 2018 I’ve worked for short periods in companies all over Flanders while I keep freelancing and finding some social engagement in the local community (check how I started making beanies for homeless refugees in Brussels).


What the bosses say


Afonso Pessanha

Creative Director at Waaa! Studio (Macau, China)

Carolina was consistently encouraging to my endeavours, which she took upon herself as hers as well, proving to be able to alleviate whatever hindered my work with her natural ability to work as a team player.


Isolda Brasil

Managing Partner at Waaa! Studio (Macau, China)

I can’t tell if I was more impressed with Carolina's skills, her ability to work under pressure, or her natural easiness to adapt herself and her work to people, circumstances and places.


Carlos Canhita

Design Manager at FRC Global Communication (Macau, China)

Carolina is a professional who is constantly seeking her concerning issues such as optimisation, functionality, user friendliness and how general graphic design should be approached.

Robson and Diogo

Co-founders of Brief Creatives (Lisbon, Portugal)

Carolina's capabilities to understand each project’s scope and simultaneously present wonderful and practical inputs adds an extra value to any project’s final results.


There was a time when...


...I was part of a swimming team

Évora (Portugal), 1991-2003


...I did Erasmus in Spain

Pontevedra (Galicia), 2006-2007


...I volunteered in a Buddhist Center

Pocklington (UK), September 2008


...I was producer and director of a news program in college

Aveiro (Portugal), 2009

...I lived on this street

Macau (China), 2009-2013


...I helped set up an art installation in Hong Kong

with Lines Lab (Macau), December 2009


...I had the coolest boss

Waaa! Studio (Macau, China) 2010-2012


...I produced a 2-days event for children with Portuguese artists

Macau (China), October 2010


...I won a first prize

Macau (China), April 2013


...I participated in a group exhibition with handmade t-shirts

Macau (China), August 2011


...I visited the Arctic Polar Circle

Longyearbyen (Norway), September 2013


...I skydived at 4200m

Évora (Portugal), August 2014

...I attended a wedding in Nepal

May 2016


...I took a Permaculture Design Certificate course

Tinos Island (Greece), October 2016


...I volunteered in a remote Permaculture farm for one year

Het Voedselbos in Nokere (Belgium), 2016-2017


I hitch hiked from Belgium to Portugal

Oudenaarde-Évora, 2017


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