I won a 1st prize!!!

(INTRODUCTORY NOTE: April 25th is a very meaningful day for the Portuguese, it reminds us of a time when we were so brave that we are still proud of it 39 years after. It was a day where the People ruled and Freedom won over dictatorship. I believe we need a new Revolution these days. A Revolution to fight corruption, to fight the destruction of the simple arts of agriculture and fishing in which we used to be masters and to fight for the dreams that are being taken away from most of us. I don't live in Portugal anymore because I can't. It's a wonderful country, full of natural resources, beautiful landscapes, great food, a lot of sunlight and very genuine people. Unfortunately, I can't, because they don't let me.)

I participated in a competition promoted by Casa de Portugal em Macau about April 25th. It should be an original work for this competition in the field of Visual Arts. I created a digital illustration where you can read, in Portuguese, "Thirst for April, Forever" and the illustration makes an analogy with the wine that is called "Revolution". For the frame, I wanted it to have something related to music, since it was a specific song on the radio that triggered the whole revolution. I up-cycled a broken guitar and transformed the neck and head into the bottom of the frame and then cut three rectangles on the back part of the body to make the rest of the frame.



The jury was unanimous in giving me the 1st and only prize and I had a fierce competition so it was a wonderful and unexpected victory!


(Thank you Bruno for all the help, not only in putting the strings...)