North Pole it is!

Invited by NiTiN (Nordisk Institutt for Trening og Internasjonalt Nettverk) I participated in a five days Partnership Building Activity about global challenges and Climate change in Longyerbyen (this is in Svalbard, Norway, very close to Greenland and already in the North Pole).

This was a unique, unforgettable and AMAZING experience! At this time of the year the sun doesn't set so we had 24 hours of daylight. The landscapes are breathtaking and the chance of seeing a polar bear is exciting and frightening at the same time. They're very cute and all but if you get to see one, it's either him or you, that's why the locals usually carry a gun when leaving the small town.

We arrived in Longyerbyen at 3AM. AM. A....M. Now check the light:

The view from the apartment

The town

The entrance of the cabin

And these are the most dangerous birds I have ever seen and with which we had to deal every time we had to cross this road. They felt threatened because it was nesting season and so they attacked everyone who would come through. The common practice (and recommended by the Town Hall) was to defend yourself with a stick.

Ride in a dog sled

Small hike

Svalbard day


And there was a ferry boat trip to the glaciers towards Pyramiden — a Russian settlement abandoned in 1998.



And our last day arrived...